Helping To Cut Your Food Cost!

After nearly 25 years in the business, Processors Co-Op has developed strong and devoted relationships with major manufactures from all over the U.S. to purchase millions of pounds of product including, first quality, slightly off spec., and excess inventory from plants coast to coast.  We have partnered with manufacturers to pack under our brands of products which are available on a consistent basis.  Our procurement and purchasing team works with manufacturers to formulate new items for our brands as well as other quality product opportunities.  We selectively purchase products that meet our customers’ price points and standards of quality.

What we can do for Manufacturers:

  • Extend and increase your sales and marketing team

  • Ability to purchase and finance multiple truckloads at one given time

  • Develop relationships for take all contracts and purchase all overruns

  • Access to new markets and increase your market share to our high volume customers

  • Accelerate product line growth and product implementation time

Burgers in production  handshake isolated on business background  loading-refer-truck

You can count on Processors Co-Op to help find outlets for your inventory.  With our customer base, we can become your go-to outlet to protect manufacturer brands, liquidate products that could become a burden leading to increased storage costs, and reach new markets in retail and food service.