Helping To Cut Your Food Cost!


Processors Co-Op was started as a one man show with Alan Brown from his home with $700.00 and a dream.  Processors Co-Op brokered product for commission and if not for the kind hearted Sid Cohen, and the great Bryan Landry of Seamark Seafood who fronted us money against earned commissions, Processors Co-Op would never have come to fruition.  

At the beginning of 1995, 90% of our sales were made by brokering for commission, and by the end of 1995, we transformed our business completely by having 90% of our sales being originated as a trading company, buying and selling opportunity buys.  Processors Co-Op would never be the same. 

Ten years and several million dollars in sales later, we started private labeling under our corporate name Processors Co-Op in 2005.  In the summer of 2006, we visited China to solidify relationships in order to Import Seafood and we started producing products under our “Ocean Pleasures” brand. We instantly knew that diversifying our company by adding brands was the future of our business, and would help our customers continue to save money on their food costs. 

As fate would have it Alan Jr., who used to ride with his father in a truck during the 80’s as a toddler picking up fresh shrimp and live blue crabs, graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Management. He had the world at his feet and had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted to do.  However, the food business was in his blood and he was eager to join his father in changing the food industry without delay. He instantly fit right into his new position as the Director of Marketing.  Alan Sr. always told his customers that one day you will be dealing with my son.  It goes without saying that he is a proud father to have the second generation of Processors Co-Op working side by side and continuing to build the business that he created out of his passion and love for food, customer good will, and making deals.

Over the next three years we were very busy, we started producing products under “Garden Pleasures”, “Country Pleasures”, and “Sweet Pleasures” brands.  All the while, we were laying down the groundwork for “Choose Five” and “Tasty Delights”.  We started repacking food products under USDA and FDA supervision for retail and foodservice.  In 2011 we took another leap in packing Italian items under our newest Italian brand “Tuscany Treasures”.  

In January 2011, we rolled out “Choose Five” and “Tasty Delights” which further launched us into the retail side of the business.  In less than two years after launching “Choose Five and Tasty Delights” we are now in over 100 Retail Facilities all over the country.  We have several retail items on the drawing board to be packed under our widely requested national brands that are coming very soon. 

In 2013, Alan Jr. comfortably fit into his new position as company Vice President propelling the company to have the best year in terms of profitability in over ten years.  In late 2013, we acquired the licensing rights to repack Cooking Oil under the prestigious Chef’s Best Brand which diversifies our company even further.   

In the year 2014, we began of our 22th year in business. In July, Processors Co-Op purchased a new 100k square foot warehouse on Fulton Industrial in Atlanta, Georgia.  This move allows Processors Co-Op to provide better customer service and provide more options for their customers by incorporating frozen, dry, and refrigerated products.   

We thank you for all that you have done and your continued support moving forward.  Your support of us helps us to continue to spread the good will towards our employees, their families, our partners, and plus numerous charities that we support.