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Q. Where can I find your products?
A: Depending on the shipment size you need, our products can be found through distributors or at a retail location near you.   LTL shipments can be coordinated directly through a sales representative.    We can deliver to your location, distributor or cold storage of your choice.  Contact your sales representative or use the contact us form to find more information.

Q. How can I place and order and when will I receive my product?

A:  Place your order online or contact you sales representative to place an order by phone/ email/fax. Orders must be placed by Thursday @ 12 p.m. to ensure delivery for the next week.  All orders will be staged and picked up Friday for delivery the following week.

Q: Is Processors Co-Op working on any new products?
A: Processors Co-Op is always working on the development of new products to bring you the most affordable high quality products that will fit your application.

Q: Where can I find the marketing and sales information on your products?
A: All of our most recent marketing and sales materials can be found in OUR PRODUCTS.

Q: Who is the distributor in my area?
A: Processors Co-Op uses many distributors throughout the country.  To locate the distributor near you, contact a sales representative or use the contact us form to find more information.  Click here to access the contact us form.

Q: What products do you sell?
A: We sell a wide variety of products that are #1 Branded Items, Opportunity Food Buys and a Combination of  Frozen Food Items, Dry Items, Refrigerated Items and Cooking Oil for the Retail and Foodservice industries.

Q: Do you have minimum order requirements?
A:  Please contact your Processors Co-Op sales representative for details, or for samples.

Q: Can you tell me about your safety standards?
A: We only carry products from FDA, USDA and HACCP approved facilities.

Q: Who is my local sales representative?
A: Use the contact us form on this web site and we will arrange for a sales representative to get in touch with you, or call (800) 375-8883.

Q: What other brands do you have?
A: Our brands include Ocean Pleasures, Country Pleasures, Tuscany Treasures, Garden Pleasures, Sweet Pleasures, Choose Five,Tasty Delights, and Chef’s Best Oil.

Q: I have a question or a testimonial, who do I talk to?
A: We need to hear about your concerns. The most efficient way is to fill out our contact us form on this web site, or discuss it with your sales representative. We appreciate any feedback from our customers: positive or negative.

Q: Where are your distribution facilities?
A:  We store product in facilities around the country.  Our main distribution center is located in Atlanta, Georgia at our  Warehouse located off of Fulton Industrial..  We also have distribution centers in  Las Vegas, NV, and Marshville, NC.