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Processor’s Co-Op believes in planting, harvesting and spreading goodwill with our customers, partners, suppliers, and our community by way of giving back.  Processors Co-Op has participated in community outreach programs for over twenty years, working to raise money for charities, school supplies and have donated tens of thousands of meals for needy families, children and veterans all over the United States. 

Our green initiatives have lead us to make a concerted effort to leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible for our planet.  We have challenged ourselves to team together to spearhead several green projects and initiated new business practices in order to reduce the natural resources needed to do business. 

Processors Co-Op’s corporate culture maintain a hands on approach for employee development in regards to spreading diversity, equal opportunity business and environmentally forward business partnerships.  We stand behind our food, our brands and our partnerships in our efforts to continually do good business with good people.